1994-1995 Mustang 3.8L V6 Supercharged Kit

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Mustang V6 supercharged package

This kit works with a 1994 - 1995 V6 Mustang motor.

Will use your existing Mustang harmonic balancer, EEC, cam, timing chain cover, and crank sensor.

Kit includes a Mustang GT 5.0L throttle body in order to use the Mustang throttle cable.

Super Coupe TPS and IAC sensors will need to be transferred to the 5.0L throttle body.

Super Coupe throttle cable bracket is included as well, will need to use the base of the bracket and weld it to the end of the Mustang bracket.

If you have a 96 - 98 Mustang, you will need to add a 94 - 95 Super Coupe timing chain cover (Product SKU: 100632)

This is a product bundle kit that we have sold in the past for folks to supercharge their V6 Mustangs

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Kit Includes:



Part SKU
AC Compressor 8 rib pulley with Bearing  100067
Belt Tensioner - Jackshaft to Crank Pulley 100647
Belt Tensioner - Jackshaft to Supercharger 100646
Belt Tensioner - Alternator Belt Tensioner 100491
Air Intake Tube  100164
Alternator 8 Rib Pulley 100494
Belt - Jackshaft to Crank Pulley 100504
Belt - Jackshaft to Supercharger
Belt - Serpentine 100502
Coil Pack Bracket with Bolt Set 100985
Crank Pulley / Harmonic Balancer Pulley 100645
Fuel Harness - 1989 - 1990 100280
Fuel Injector 30# Red Top x 6 100174
Fuel Rail 100184
Fuel Rail Bolt - 1989 - 1995 x 4 100995
Idle Air Control (IAC) Valve 100263
Inlet Plenum to Intake Manifold Bolt Set 101004
Intake Manifold 100203
Intake Manifold Coolant Junction ECT Coolant Temp Sender 100265
Intake Manifold Inlet Plenum 100200
Intercooler 100205
Intercooler Lower Tube 100211
Intercooler Tube - Lower Bracket Hardware Set 101010
intercooler Tube Lower Bracket 100212
Intercooler Upper Tube 100213
Jackshaft Bracket Hardware Kit  101013
Jackshaft Pulley Bracket with Double Pulley 100588
Power Steering Bracket Hardware Kit 101023
Power Steering Pump Brace 101942
Power Steering Pump Pulley- 8 Rib 101945
Power Steering, Alternator, and Coil Bracket 101943
Radiator Hose - Upper 100104
Supercharger 100224
Supercharger Inlet Plenum 100230
Supercharger Inlet Plenum Hardware Set 101030
Supercharger Pulley  100222
Supercharger to Intake Manifold Bolt Kit 101031
Supercharger Top 100226
Supercharger Top Hardware Set 101032
Tensioner Bolt Set x3  101035
Thermostat Housing 100159
Throttle Body 1994 - 1995 - Mustang 5.0L - No sensors included 100240
Throttle Cable Bracket 100239
Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) 100264
Valve Cover - Driver Side 100636
Valve Cover - Passenger Side 100638
Valve Cover HW Set 101047
Water Pump Pulley - 3.8L SC 100110


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