Greatly appreciate the time folks have taken to leave a note or two about their experience while shopping with TBSC Shop

Order arrived on time,was packed good for shipping, great customer service,. Got the new in.. Thank you! Frank M.

So glad I found you Guys! Thanks for the headlight for my Cougar. I got the part in two days. Great condition!

Gary O.

Thanks for the help on the PWM blower motor resistor today. Blower tested good and PWM tested open. Problem solved in 5 mins part on way!! Thanks TBSC Shop!!

Mason L.

Fantastic knowledge and parts. The stainless sleeves are a must when doing the suspension on these cars.

Doug V.

3rd purchase from TBSC and again am very pleased with the service and with my purchase (Wolf hood bra)

David H.

Great product.awesome and knowledgeable people.good place to get those hard to find parts for a super coupe

Jeff T.

The 2nd order I have placed with TBSC and once again I am very pleased.  Great service, unique items, fast delivery and great customer support.  It has been 3 weeks since I acquired my 1990 35th Anniversary 'Bird (14k miles) and TBSC has become my go to source for accessories-I am so glad I found your firm (google search)-THANKS!


I ordered a fan. The fan arrived on the expected day, it was well packaged, and in the condition specified. The fan was supposed to have some bearing noise but it runs smooth and quiet. Great source for SC parts.

Patrick W.

I've been looking all over for parts for my ......SC . And Ryan hit the spot ..... Thanks Bro.'

Rock - 1990 Thunderbird SC

I would definitely buy parts from Ryan again. I ordered a wheel for my sc, he sent a nicer wheel, for the same price. We had the passenger door panel off inside the car, and I asked him why the window would go up and down after the wires were jiggled. He said it was probably the switch. I ordered 1, he sent 3. I just bought a trans from him, and he has helped keep me informed on the shipping. I believe customer service is TOP NOTCH. Thank you, Ryan for all that you do for sc'ers everywhere.

Jim O. 1992 Thunderbird SC

Great communication super fast shipping and just all around great guy to buy parts from thanks a lot for your great service


1990 Thunderbird SC

I would recommend Ryan as well. I purchased a nice 94 5-speed from him.


I whole heartedly agree with your good comments! Ryan is so dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction he actually took a part of of his own car and sent it to me because he ran out of the part I had already paid for. Man, that is customer service. Talk about going the extra mile, now he will have to walk that extra mile for a little while. LOL Great guy to deal with. Highly pleased to do business with him again.


Have bought from him on numerous occasions. Parts are just as described and shipped quickly. I have enjoyed doing business with him.


Ryan has been terrific to work with. I've bought several SC parts from him as well as he tracked down a JBL cassette radio that worked with my OE CD unit. Paul P. refurbished both units in a very professional manner. Both units blew me away with how good the sound was. So thanks to Ryan and Paul for their excellent efforts.

Great guy to do business with!!

I just bought some parts from him today, had everything we talked about ready to go when I got there as promised. He also gave me a bit of a deal for picking the stuff up so he didn't have to deal with the shipping. I'll defiantly buy from him again.


Nice guy and I'm gonna call him a friend now. If you're ever in the northern Wisconsin. area and need anything - gimme a shout.

I purchased a 94 SC automatic from Ryan. He was very easy to deal with and a stand up guy.


Ryan has always been a pleasure to deal with, especially with meeting my shipping and time line needs. He has often gone out of his way to locate a part he didn't have himself just to help me out. Many of the "large company's" out there could learn a lot in the customer service department from Ryan in my opinion.


Another positive comment for Ryan. Purchased a aluminum spare wheel with tire for a fair price and saved on shipping by being willing to meet on his way from the storage facility to his home. Pleasure to do business with.


Got the parts ordered yesterday. Installed this morning. Thanks to you, I got my bird flying again. My next project is a Mach 1 style hood. Maybe you might have access to one? If so, please advise. My bird is a 92 SC. If you can, please send me a list of items, or ideas you might have to boost HP on it. I tried a nitrous system. But was told it would trash the compressor. This is my second T-Bird, I gave a 1965 to a bike club to raffle for a drive for some kids school projects. That felt good. I am a disabled vet and I wear my scars with a lot of pride. Working on my bird is my past time when I am able to be out doors. And it's shops like your that keep people like me going. For that, I say THANK YOU!!

Thanks Paul

Excellent Seller I have the great fortune to live in the same state as Ryan... about an hour away from him... Though I will not need to deal with shipping issues... I have to say the following Ryan, is a stand up guy, great to talk with. knows what he is talking about when it comes to these cars... and prices are very fair... He has also shown great communication, on every question I have asked him.. 

Karl - 1989 XR7 Red 5spd

A fast and friendly service, keep up the good work Ryan.


Ryan is a great guy to deal with and is very helpful. Always good to have a guy like him in the SC community.


This site is gods gift to the SC lover. Very pleased with the products I ordered, everything works and was shipped within 4 days, the packaging job was top notch as well. Will be ordering parts from this site in the future based off my first experience.


Ryan is a really great guy easy to work with very helpful.


Item just as described, just what I needed...SUPER FAST SHIPPING!


Very fast service. Was sent out quickly and arrived within a few business days. Much faster than others out there that took nearly a month to get to us.

Thank you - Gina

Great prices for great parts. Has helped me out would of never finished my project in time. Trustworthy got my parts fast, and a very generous guy.

Thank you again!-Drew

Ryan: Hey I just wanted to say thanks for helping me out with my R/R Quarter Glass, I just received it today and Had it installed, I couldn't find one any where. This is the second time you have helped me and am very grateful. My name is Jody, you helped me with changing my supercharger pulley last time, I just couldn't seem to find the right puller to take it off, but you got me going. Once again thanks. I will send you a picture of my ride,

92 SC. Jody

I just want to thank you very much for your great service and honesty.That's why I just re-order another part from you. Thank you again,your making my project work!


Awesome parts! you have made me decide to keep looking for and driving these great cars now that I know I have a great guy to go to for parts.

Thanks Ty

Ryan was really helpful and shipped the part very quickly and responded to emails promptly and was personal about it instead of the usual "strictly business" attitude. The part arrived in good shape and was packed appropriately and works beautifully.

James P.

My Dad just recently bought me a 1994 T-Bird as my first car, it is in great condition. The only work it needed was in the interior. Ryan had every single part that it needed. And on top of that, he gave me tips and advice on what parts I should get. He has gone more than out of his way to help me make my first car the best, and for that I am more than grateful.

Thanks Ryan, Chris

I live on the aaland islands a small group of islands between Finland and Sweden.  Most people around here drive BMW or Volvo so they are like belly buttons everybody got one. I without a car a couple of years ago and wanted something different i found an SC in Sweden the price was right and the deal was made.Everything was nice I drove around embarrassing BMW until one day i was hit from behind by a Nissan at something like 55 mph.The Nissan was messed up to say the least and my car was in not much better shape.The insurance company wanted to scrap my car and the Nissan was scrapped but at least no one was hurt (there was a kid in the Nissan ).I could not find a body shop who wanted to fix my car so i was basically on my own.Luckily i had been in contact with Ryan earlier so I ordered the parts I needed a bumper, but Ryan could not ship it over the Atlantic so what to do .The thing is I work for a company called Alandia Engineering and we have a office in Florida a quick call to Mikeal and Ryan and the parts were on their way to Florida. After arriving in Fort Lauderdale Mikael took my parts put them in a container belonging to a company with whom we co operate.The container was shipped to Finland and the parts then sent by truck to me.The whole thing took about 4 months and dozens of emails to sort out all details.But the reason I tell this story is because it shows what can be done with the help of suppliers like Ryan and friends like Mikael it makes this hobby worth while. So that is how I spent my Winter it was bitterly cold anyway drive carefully now and keep a eye in the rear view mirror.

I love this site. I check every couple days for windows for My SC... I know I will find them soon. Very good prices here. I've found them here in pa, but some of the wrecking yards want new prices and more. Please E-Mail Me when you get door windows in. It will make a great winter project.

Thanks again Dave P. Angeles Wa.

Ryan is an outstanding guy who stands behind customer satisfaction like no one else. I'm extremely pleased with his service and very fortunate of finding his web-site. I have found all of my needs here and will be back for more! Thanks again Ryan!

Tom M.

Just got my order and it was exactly as stated and exactly what I needed Thanks Very Much


SUPER FAST SHIPPING! I bought a Hydraulic Clutch Line...YOU WERE THE ONLY ONE THAT HAD IT!!! I couldn't find this part ANYWHERE!!! I called the dealer they searched NATIONWIDE with no luck!! Thanks so much! Highly RECOMMENDED!!!

I will use you for all my parts in the future....Great JOB

I own a 91 Thunderbird S.C. Found the car parked under a tree in Shelby,NC with a blown engine and missing parts. Thanks to Ryan and his web site I've been able to restore the car to near perfect original condition. This wouldn't have been possible without his hard to find parts. Thanks Ryan!!

P.S. The 397hp Turbo Super-coupe is awesome!

Great service fast shipping , Ryan understands the power to communicate and makes sure you get the right part and and you understand exactly what your getting, Great job Ryan will be sure to buy again.

Chris From Canada 94 XR7 4.6 v8 sport package.

What a gem of a site I found here.. Fast shipping, great prices and good communication and payment methods. I was and am very happy with my purchase and plan to come here 1st before I look anywhere else... again thanks Ryan…

Awesome. Fast shipping, well packaged. With a few more parts from Ryan and a lot more time, my 91 SC will be back to showroom condition.


Thank you! Shipping was fast took 3 days!! I was also impressed with how my intake was packaged! Really cares about what he is doing. Thanks Ryan, I will be ordering from y ou again shortly, supercharging my v6 mustang and you're making my life ten times easier!!! -