1989 -1995 Thunderbird Super Coupe SC Cougar XR7 Rebuilt Thermostat Housing 3.8L

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The common failure that Thunderbird SC and Cougar XR7 supercharged engine owners experience with their thermostat housing, is a warped flange that will no longer reseal after it has been reinstalled. This product addresses that failure point by removing the stock stamped flange from the assembly completely and replacing it with a new laser cut steel 5/16 flange. Instead of just welding a plate to the existing flange, the thermostat pocket and bleed/water pump tube are recessed within the new flange, prior to welding; so they maintain their factory location. This process results in a stronger assembly and prevents the housing from contributing to hood clearance issues, which can result from moving the housing further from the lower intake manifold.

After welding of the assembly, the flange is machined to accept the thermostat with close attention paid to maintaining the factory design which locks the thermostat into the housing, prior to installation onto the lower intake manifold. During this machining process, an end mill makes several passes over the flange to ensure flatness for a proper seal.

The next stage is powder coating. All assemblies are first sent for media blasting and then powder coated for corrosion resistance and aesthetics. The factory color and sheen is matched as close as possible to provide a factory appearance to the remanufactured housing.

All housings ship with an OEM quality FelPro gasket which is specific to the 3.8L supercharged engine. 

Note: The machined surface of the flange may display visual defects or inclusions. This in no way affects sealing or performance.

Compatible with:

1989 - 1995 Ford Thunderbird with Supercharged 3.8L

1989 - 1990 Mercury Cougar with Supercharged 3.8L

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